Game at a Glance: Sound Shapes

Title: Sound Shapes

Developer(s): Queasy Games and SCE Santa Monica Studio

My Thoughts: Having downloaded Sound Shapes simply because it was free (on PlayStation+), not much was expected of this strange and colourful little game. After just a short session however the appeals of the game became clear: the importance of sound creates an immersive and relaxing environment as you play, and the simplicity of the game’s basic rules is enough to keep a player engaged without really having to do anything hard. The main aim of the game is to collect music notes as this small ball which then add to your gallery, meaning you can create and share musical levels of your own. There are multiple obstacles and enemies to get in the way of your rolling ball character which add difficulty to the game.

Would I recommend it?: If you want something to relax to of an evening, then this is the perfect game. It’s colourful, abstract, and features the music of Deadmau5 and Beck. If you prefer games with varied levels, violence or complex back stories, however, this isn’t one for you.

Rating: 7/10

Words by Charlie Ginger Jones

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