Game At A Glance: Star Wars Battlefront


Title: Star Wars Battlefront

Developers: EA DICE

What I think: When EA DICE, the main creator behind the Battlefield franchise, announced that they would be helming a brand new Star Wars Battlefront game for next generation consoles, gamers worldwide were expecting one of the best games ever made, especially considering the popularity of previous games on PlayStation 2.

Unfortunately, Battlefront was a major disappointment…

It’s easy to see that DICE spent a lot of time considering the beautiful graphics and textures of the game. In fact, in my opinion, it’s the most visually pleasing shooter currently on the PlayStation. The sound design is just as significant too, it’s always an overly satisfying feeling hearing the sounds of a thermal imploder, or even a TIE fighter flying past you on Walker Assault. In fact it is a fun game- for the first couple of weeks anyway. Even after the release of ‘The Battle of Jakku’ map pack, I still found myself having a lack luster time playing a game that was repetitive and ultimately pointless.

Battlefront‘s downfall is it’s lack of… everything. A lack of weapons to chose from (though there’s more variety than the previous games), lack of a single player mode, and lack of a game in general. Its £50 season pass only adds to the idea that when you do buy Battlefront for £50, you’re only buying half of a game. I’m sure when the DLCs are released they will improve the game’s experience, making it feel like it’s actually worth the first £50 paid. Compared to other games like Black Ops 3, Battlefront can hardly provide you as much entertainment or re-playability. Nevertheless, the game is a fun Star Wars experience.

Would I recommend it? Overall, Battlefront is a great technical effort at a Star Wars game for next generation consoles. It has stunning visuals and fascinating sound design; game modes like Fighter Squadron, Drop Zone and Walker Assault provide the most “fun”. However, everything else the game has to offer feels pointless, ensuring an overall disappointing experience for £50.

Overall Score: 5/10


Words by Levi Eddie Aluede


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