Gaming: Our Favourite Games on ‘Steam’

Tropico 4

Most people who are into their PC games will have heard of the popular city builder Sim City. But what happens if you mix Sim City with some South American revolutionary flare? Enter the Tropico series, more specifically Tropico 4. You play as El Presidente ruler of the island of Tropico. It is down to you to determine what sort of island you create but bear in mind you’ll have to keep the island’s factions relatively happy. Communists will pester you for better quality housing whilst the religious faction will demand more churches. Will your island be an industrial power house or a five star tourist trap? It’s all down to you. Although a full sandbox game only lasts from 1950-2000 it will still take around 7 hours to complete an individual game. If you’re into strategy games like the above mentioned Sim City or Rollercoaster Tycoon then definitely give this a go! It’s often on sale on Steam so keep an eye out!

Words by Joe Gray

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