Gaming: Our Favourite Games on ‘Steam’

Portal 2

By tossing aside the laws of physics, as well as any plans you made for the evening, Valve Corporation managed to improve upon the original Portal by creating Portal 2. Similar to the first game (which if you haven’t played it, you really should because it’s a masterpiece), the player uses an experimental gun that shoots portals instead of bullets to find their way out of test chambers.

Ultimately you battle a dangerous yet hilarious AI boss, who is almost as murderous as GLaDOS. While exploring the ruins of what Aperture Science Laboratories used to be, you also become familiar with the founder of the whole operation; Cave Johnson, a sociopath with a strong case of narcissism.

In co-op mode, the silly storyline is still riddled with puzzles to the brim. Communicating with a partner has never been more vital to the solving of momentum, timing, and gravitational mysteries.

Portal 2 boasts some of the best writing and voice acting you’ll ever experience. The quality of gaming never falters whether you’re in single-player or co-op mode. If it was ever possible to choose and give an award for a perfectly made game, Portal 2 would take the cake (get it?).

Words By Mary Helen Josephine

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