Gaming News: Mass Effect 4: Andromeda Trailer Released


After more than three years of waiting, it’s finally here; the first glimpse of the new Mass Effect 4: Andromeda game. Squeals of glee are welcomed and happy cheers accompanied by fist pumps into the air are encouraged. (Watch out for the lamp.)

During the EA Games’ E3 2015 briefing event, the new game trailer revealed spectacular pre-rendered footage of new undiscovered worlds and boasted incredibly realistic graphics. At one point in the trailer, a character walks towards the viewer and looks like an actual actor wearing N7 armor. It’s hard to improve upon the previous game’s graphics, yet the compilation of snippets that were showcased in the trailer look beyond incredible. The production of the trailer could easily be attributed to the Frostbite™ game engine, which was used to create the vivid images seen in the trailer.

Fortunately, BioWare claims the stunning visuals released to viewers are the goal for the final game.  Michael Gamble, one of the producers, shared a photo on Twitter in late June expressing how far technology has allowed the creators of Mass Effect to progress. Now that’s an impressive improvement.

Reminder: the completion of Commander Shepard’s journey in Mass Effect 3 triggered fury and outrage from fans who had dedicated more than five years of decision making and hard work to the story-line. The new game, set to take place in an entirely new area of space (the galaxy Andromeda, more specifically), would allow BioWare to skirt around previous anger surrounding the ME3 ending. While small nods are made to the old games, like ensuring the use of an improved Mako vehicle to traverse a world’s terrain, fresh opportunities to discover new worlds along with observing and meeting new alien species seem very attractive.

When can you expect to immerse yourself in this expansive unfamiliar universe for days at a time? As noted in the trailer, it’s proposed to arrive around the “holidays” in 2016, optimized for yet to be specified gaming platforms. Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Phone Reviews, Specs And Price.

Though, based on BioWare’s history, Mass Effect 4: Andromeda is likely to debut for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 as yet another third person shooter RPG. The unknown plot plus the possibility of new characters and worlds are still shrouded in a veil of mystery, but the enthusiasm and hopeful expectations shown by devoted fans is very apparent.

You can keep updated on how the making of the game is going by subscribing to the BioWare Base YouTube Channel or visiting the BioWare Blog. There’s a lot to look forward to. In the meantime though, feel free to replay any of the original Mass Effect Trilogy games; allowing yourself to be re-absorbed into the unique universe of wonder and danger, the same universe that inspired your love for the games in the first place.

Words by Mary Helen Josephine


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