Gaming News: PSX 2016 – PlayStation Experience Presentation


Sony opened this year’s event with a keynote presentation.

Sony have officially opened this year’s PlayStation Experience with a special Keynote Presentation. Hosted by various figures from PlayStation – including Shawn Layden, Shelby Cox and Gio Corsi – the presentation showcased what is to come on PlayStation in the coming months.

Along with new footage from The Last Guardian and Resident Evil VII – which also announced a final demo update – there was also a look at what is in development for PlayStation VR.

Players also were treated to trailers for more upcoming titles releasing in 2017; including:

Also among the announcements at the conference was the release of a series of Free to Play games available on PlayStation, among them Mother Russia Bleeds, Let It Die and Lara Croft Go. Fans were also treated to a first look at the new Retro Mode on MLB The Show 17 featuring baseball icon Ken Griffey Jr. as well as the official announcement of Knack 2.

Watch the presentation in full below.

Words by Megan Roxburgh


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