Gaming News: The Last of Us II Leaks

After a seven-year wait since the original, four years since the announcement and numerous delays, including an indefinite one as a result of Covid-19, the anticipation for The Last of Us Part 2 may have finally been dashed, as major plot details, screenshots and cutscenes have been leaked. Don’t worry, for the sake of those still anticipating the game and have thus far shielded themselves from the leak, I will not be posting any spoilers here.

Initially, it was believed to be an employee among the Naughty Dog ranks, who began posting footage from the final build of the game, including in-game menus, pivotal plot moments and even parts of the supposed ending of the game. However, this has since been dismissed by both Naughty Dog and Sony who have since stated they have found the leakers who reportedly have no association with either company. Despite this, with the initial fallout of the leak still fresh, it continues to raise the issue of crunch culture working within the gaming industry and high employee turnover as a result of working conditions and developmental constraints.

As more footage flooded online, outlets were quick to remove it under copyright restrictions, but with this being the internet, the damage is most likely already done. A basic plot summary also appeared on various social media sites and with the cutscenes seemingly corroborating the breakdown, it’s looking like the twists for one of the most anticipated games of the year have been ruined.

Neil Druckman, writer and creative director for The Last of Us, has stated in a tweet that he was “heartbroken” by the leak, with a statement from Naughty Dog following shortly imploring gamers to avoid spoilers and experience the game as intended.

As a result of this, Sony and Naughty Dog have entered damage control mode, announcing a new release date for The Last of Us Part 2 the same day. It is now looking to be released June 19th 2020.

Words by Jack Roberts

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