Gears Of War Developer Squashes Star Wars Rumours


The Coalition Studio has denied that it is working on a new Star Wars title following an announcement detailing its future development plans.

Recently, The Coalition revealed that it will be moving its resources onto Unreal Engine 5 to develop “multiple new projects” for next-gen hardware, but clarified that none of the said projects will be coming any time soon.

The announcement added fuel to the rumour first floated by VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb in a recent video that The Coalition is working on new IPs, one of which, he claimed, may be a new Star Wars game. He did, however, state: “I haven’t been able to confirm that”.

In a comment on the Gears of War subreddit, The Coalition’s community manager Shaun Akerman (TC_Kilo on Reddit) flatly refuted the rumour-mongering: “Just to clarify regarding the Star Wars thing. We are not working on any such title. We have nothing else to announce at this time.”

With Lucasfilm Games officially ending its Star Wars games exclusivity deal with EA in January and announcing a new partnership with Ubisoft Massive, the internet has been rife with claims and speculation about which other major studios will be drafted to work on new Star Wars titles in the coming years. It appears The Coalition isn’t one of them, but fans of the studio still have additional operations content for Gears 5 to look forward to, as well as a rumoured Gears 6 sometime in the future.

Words by Sonny Chadwick

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