Happy Valentine’s Day: Nothing With You // Descendents


‘Cause it’s Valentine’s Day the internet is going to be awash with a tidal wave of articles titled ‘The 10 Greatest Love Songs of All Time’ and ‘5 Songs to Make Sweet, Sweet Love To’. Here at The Indiependent Sam Lambeth’s got an altogether more realistic – and less cringy – take on romantic song-writing, as he considers the Descendents’ song, ‘Nothing With You’.

Many love songs tend to be bombastic ballads or odes of epic grandeur, but they often miss the point of what love actually is. ‘Nothing With You’ may seem, on the surface, to be a typically breakneck blast of pop-punk fizziness, but its overriding message – of merely wanting to hang around with your partner, slobbing out in front of the TV and having no set agenda – is wonderfully true and endearing.

In relationships, it’s not always going to be fancy restaurants and bungee jumps (although both should play a regular part before, during and after the courting process), and those days where you’re simply doing sweet FA can have their own joy.

“Cause all I ever really want to do, is sit around doing nothing with you because nothing’s only fun when you’re there” could be misconstrued as a lyric of laziness, when in actuality it is a tribute to that lovely feeling where, in a relationship, you’re completely yourself.

Words by Sam Lambeth 

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