How Tiktok Has Influenced The World Of Fashion


The year is 2021. Y2K fashion is back and better than ever. The sweater vest and tennis skirt combo is unbeaten. And, most importantly, everything and everyone you need to know in the fashion world can be found on TikTok.

If our ‘For You Page’ wasn’t already inundated with various hauls, the rise of fast fashion during 2021 meant that online retailers, such as SHEIN, were able to sell more for less – and we all bought into it, no questions asked.

According to, the majority of the retailer’s price points are lower than their top competitors, such as boohoo and H&M. One tweet went viral after stating that £210 on SHEIN is approximately 365 outfits, so no wonder we’re all splashing our cash here and not in the likes of Selfridges.

We, as consumers, love everything about mass consumption, it’s convenient, affordable, and, arguably, trendy. TikTok and other online platforms have the power to push this even further with the official SHEIN account boasting 3.3 million followers and the #shein hashtag generating 19.5 billion views worldwide.

However, in true Gen Z style, issues around SHEIN’s ethical approach to fashion has raised a few eyebrows. Not only are their low-quality clothes produced in ‘hush-hush’ settings, their recent SHEIN X 100K Challenge—which offered a $100,000 prize to one up-and-coming designer—seemed distasteful. With accusations that their ‘dupes’ (imitations) are far too similar to the real deal —whether that be Ralph Lauren, Levi’s, or even some smaller, independent designers—was the show a compromise or blatant hypocrisy? And is a cheap alternative really worth the conflict on your conscience?

Whilst we’re on the topic of ethical fashion designers, that is one of TikTok’s strong points. Not only does it provide the best style tips you could ask for, but the platform also promotes sustainable brands that allow users to upcycle, restyle, and ‘thrift flip’. And for those not familiar with the phrase yet, ‘thrift flipping’ simply means to take a vintage or second-hand piece and alter it to create something modern.

Environmentalist Jenna Corrao has accumulated over 141,000 followers and over five million likes promoting sustainable fashion ideas on TikTok. Meanwhile, Anna Molinari has over six million likes proving that you can turn almost anything into your latest fashion fix. A corset adorned in sailing line sounds crazy, right? That’s where you’re wrong…


I still have 2 boxes of sailing line scraps gimme ideas #fashion #corset #upcycle #fyp

♬ original sound – TheFlashWatcher

Whilst ‘thrift flipping’ may have started as a lockdown hobby for many, it now has the power to inspire others to be creative, and, ultimately, encourages us all to be eco-friendly. So what’s not to like?

It’s not only the non-professional stylists that are motivating us through their creative process, there are plenty of big names using their online presence in a positive way. Designers such as Balmain’s Oliver Rousteing and British label JW Anderson share exclusive behind-the-scenes footage to take us one step closer to the latest trends.

If this alone doesn’t satisfy your fashion cravings, 2021 saw the return of the four Fashion Weeks, both in-person and online. TikTok gifts you a free front row ticket to see some of the biggest names in the world rock the runway. Over the past few years, live streams from fashion houses such as Prada and Saint Laurent have brought in over three million views on the app, so are we seeing a shift in tradition? Is #TikTokFashionMonth the new London Fashion Week?

But, no matter whether it’s Coco or Zara, once a TikTok trend goes viral, it really can take the world by storm. Remember THAT strawberry dress? TikTok made me buy it…

Whether you’re an influencer or Kim Kardashian herself, everyone wants a piece of the latest TikTok trends. If that doesn’t give anyone and everyone— including you—the power to kickstart the next big thing in the world of fashion, then what does?

If TikTok has anything to do with 2022, which it undoubtedly will, then its influence on fashion is certainly here to stay. Looking ahead to a new year, the future looks bright—no, seriously, bold, block colours are in. The vibrant greens and deep purples we have seen on various vlogs over the last couple of months are likely to carry us into the warmer seasons.

However, never underestimate the power of a wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down. We’re talking trench coats and tailored trousers—affordable luxury at its best. These will never go out of fashion, they will simply just evolve. Try purchasing these from a smaller, unique label, or try an item with an unusual embellishment; whether that be contrast stitching or stand-out buttons, dare to make basics different. On TikTok, #wardrobeessentials has racked up over sixteen million views alone, whereas #luxuryfashion boasts almost an incredible 93 million.

This brings us nicely onto our beloved big blazers and coordinates; two more staple pieces that will travel seamlessly from our summer outfits to our winter ones. They can also be altered in various colours to suit the brief.

2022’s brief will be heavily influenced by the new biggest name in fashion—TikTok. Keep scrolling for more ‘Outfit Of The Days’, ‘Get Ready With Mes’, and ‘thrift flips’ throughout the year. They will inspire you, give you all the tips of the trade, and point you in a fashion-forward direction.

Oh, and don’t worry, we already know TikTok will make you buy a whole new wardrobe by the time the year is through.

Words by Lauren Whitehead


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