How To Dress Like A Wes Anderson Character


Wes Anderson’s movies feature characters that are renowned for their quirky personalities and equally intriguing outfits. Now that everyone is channelling ‘main character energy’, why not plan the perfect Wes Anderson aesthetic to match?

Pick out a staple piece

Be it a headband or a tailored suit, an essential for Anderson’s characters is to have an accessory or piece of clothing that they are rarely seen without. This could be connected to a hobby, such as sport or even art. Some ideas to begin with are coats, berets, gloves, or for the hotter days, sunglasses. This could even be your opportunity to engage in some DIY projects like painting a denim jacket or knitting a scarf!

Have a signature outfit

Most of Wes Anderson’s characters have signature looks that make them distinct. Chas, Ari, and Uzi Tenenbaum all have matching bright red jogger ensembles that showcase their active personalities. You could experiment with the styles that work for you and eventually develop an attire that you are recognised for.

Add accessories!

Aside from clothes, another way to make an outfit more memorable and personalised is by accessorising and styling yourself. You might be able to find a hair clip from your childhood that is reminiscent of Margot Tenenbaum’s iconic red barrette, or a bag you picked up from the thrift store that is now collecting dust in your closet.

Take things up a notch by learning how to do different hairstyles like a french braid or a new eyeshadow technique! If you’re not feeling ambitious yet, you can stick to classics such as winged liner.

Play with colour and experiment!

Contrasting colours can be used for a dynamic look. Alternatively, you could put more emphasis on the silhouette and shape of your outfit by using a monochromatic palette. There are no limitations to what colours you can mix and match. Experimentation is key!

These are only a few of the ways to dress like the characters we know and love. Fashion, much like cinema, is an excellent avenue for self-expression. You’ll probably be scavenging through your wardrobe and childhood trinkets now, so we won’t keep you!

Words by Marinel Dizon

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