My Life In Songs: Joe Connell


My musical journey has been treacherous (I’ve owned an Aiden album) yet hugely rewarding throughout my life. This is a snapshot of some of the songs that have defined and influenced my musical preference over the years.

Papercut // Linkin Park

Ah, a nice dose of nostalgia. I was seven around the time that Linkin Park dropped their eponymous debut Hybrid Theory and it was one of the first albums I can remember properly listening to. For better or worse my exposure to music came about at a time when nu – metal was at its pomp, meaning that there were a shedload of watered down Korn-lites popping up incessantly. Whilst some people would be quick to say that Linkin Park fall into that exact bracket, there’s no doubt in my mind that ‘Papercut’, or Hybrid Theory for that matter, remain as fresh and anthemic as they did all those years ago. To this day, the looped drum sample that kicks off this track still gives me a shot of adrenaline before it bounds into life. This band introduced me to it all and despite the fact that they descended into mediocrity throughout their career; they still have a special place in my heart.




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