IKEA Set To Launch Virtual Store In Roblox

©IKEA/Roblox Corporation

IKEAthe Swedish home furnishing giant, has recently announced the launch of “The Co-Worker Game”. The game will be hosted as a virtual universe inside of Roblox.

IKEA has said that the game will allow fans and prospective employees to “live their home furnishing dreams and get paid for it”they also announced that there will be ten hourly-paid positions inside the game itself with the company saying that “We’re excited to be the first brand to launch paid work on Roblox to showcase how we do careers differently”.

The job is advertised as paying the same as IKEA stores in London at £13.15 per hour. Online IKEA workers would be able to: “flex their skills, help customers, and get promoted to move departments, just like in the real world”. The game has been developed to showcase IKEA’s “unique careers philosophy” and show that there is “no set route to career progression”.

Fans have responded to the surprising news on X/Twitter, with some discussing how the job is offering a higher wage than they are currently earning and others sharing their reaction to the unorthodox marketing strategy:

The game will see “the broader Roblox community, gamers and IKEA fans alike” exploring the virtual recreation of the shopping giant, with players having the ability to reorganise and space within the game using Ikea products, or “serve up endless amounts of meatballs” in the iconic Swedish Food Market and Bistro.

Applications to work in “The Co-Worker Game” opened June 3, and will close June 16.

You can find more information on the IKEA Website and check back on The Indiependent for more news on “The Co-Worker Game“.

Roblox is available to download and play for free on console, PC, mobile and VR platforms.

Words by Jamie Calder

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