The Indiependent’s Most Anticipated Films of 2017


The ever-growing Marvel universe is releasing more films, Star Wars is keeping up it’s streak of a new film every year. Disney is still adapting their classic hits to live action. Some of our favourite directors, Christopher Nolan and Steven Soderbergh are coming back with new original content, and of course, they’re the Award films we have yet to know. 2017 is looking like a big year for films, with incredibly big blockbusters like Justice League and Wonder Woman, juxtaposed by smaller original films like Dunkirk and John Wick: Chapter 2.

So, are you ready to know what films the Indie team are most excited to see?

Beauty and the Beast

Disney has recently made a habit of rehashing their old classics into live-action blockbusters. Beauty and the Beast is getting the full Hollywood treatment, complete with a CGI beast and internationally famous leading lady Emma Watson, who has been Disney’s main selling point for the film so far. It seems that the public is really just intrigued as to what Watson will bring to the role. Certainly not as good a singing voice as the original Belle, that’s for sure. That being said, the visual effects and the animation of the castle’s inhabitants (such as Lumière, Cogsworth and Mrs Potts) look stunning and brilliantly executed. It appears as though they’ve remained true to the original animated film, even down to the colour of Belle’s outfits. The musical numbers are all still there, too – including, of course, the famous ‘Be Our Guest’.

This new fad of turning their animated classics into live-action films has admittedly become a bit predictable and annoying. However, the trailer is promising and looks as exciting as a Disney hit should be, and Emma Watson has obviously invested a lot of effort into the role. Disney perhaps tried a little too hard with remakes such as Maleficent and Cinderella, but it looks like they might have just got it right with this one. I think it will split opinion, but the beautiful sets, enchanting story and familiar songs will ensure that it will definitely become a feel-good family favourite.

Words by Zia Freer


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