Who Inspires You? – Part 1

Mel Churchill: Hayley Williams


Hayley Williams was only sixteen years old when her debut album as lead vocalist/songwriter for Paramore was released. Now aged twenty-six, she is one of the most influential females currently working in the music industry. She is wise well beyond her years, a quality that shines through her beautiful lyrics.

One thing that really stands out to me is how true to herself Williams has remained over the course of her career, even after her rise to fame. It was reported that managers had planned a solo pop career when she was first signed, however Williams insisted on forming a pop punk band. Without this resilience, my favourite band wouldn’t exist.

Williams has always inspired me from the moment I first heard a Paramore song. Her relatable lyrics have helped many of her fans – myself included – through some very difficult times in their lives by putting her fans’ often complicated emotions, into simple, powerful phrases. She inspires millions to pursue their happiness and, most importantly, to have confidence in themselves.

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