Who Inspires You? – Part 1

Isabella Marcantonio: Lorde


Singer, song-writer, excellent dancer and all round aesthetic wonder kid, Lorde constantly proves herself time and time again. Before, she ‘cut her teeth’ with the Grammy award-winning hit, ‘Royals’ Lorde was constantly underestimated by the media. The same story would be perpetually spewed up by various new outlets, all exclaiming ‘and she’s only 17!’ But that’s why I admire her, she is the living embodiment of defying people’s expectations and proving that young people are talented, self-aware and can create something beautiful. Lorde, has never stop being an outsider, in many ways she is still the ‘weirdo’ of the music industry but she completely owns it. I see Lorde as inspirational because she is unafraid to talk to the world about the fears and anxieties of young people. She wholeheartedly embraces the teenage experience, but she refuses to be restricted by it. Being a teenager can mean being limited, outcast and demeaned by elders – that doesn’t mean you also can’t achieve great things.

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