Who Inspires You? – Part 1

Eleanor Bateman: Sylvia Plath


As an aspiring writer, I find myself especially inspired by Sylvia Plath and her poetry and literature. Although her work mostly illustrates her heart-breaking years of depression leading up to her suicide in 1963, it is everything I dream of creating: moving, thought-provoking writing that welcomes the reader to feel as she felt, however distressing this may be. Perhaps what inspires me the most about Plath is her ability to understand the world in which she lived; I am envious of how she can perceive something as either beautiful or grotesque and transform these feelings into a combination of words as a poem or story. Being a young female reader of her work, I feel incredibly comforted by her way of writing and know I will forever want to recreate her empowering poetry.

Feature compiled by James Dudley

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