Three Reasons Why Interactive DVD Games Are Still Worth A Look

The humble DVD game may have a myriad of rivals these days and may not be the cutting edge product it once was but in this article I’m going to give you three reasons why interactive DVD games (for those of you who have access to something that plays DVDs) are still worth trying in 2020.

Reason One: The Variety

They say that variety is the spice of life and the world of interactive DVD games has quite a lot of it. There are plenty to choose from of different genres with a vast chunk of them being tie-in products related to certain hit television programmes such as The Weakest Link, Top Gear, Golden Balls and Telly Addicts among many others. Granted, some of the very latest big name shows from the last few years such as The Chase haven’t made the transition from TV to interactive DVD game, but if you (or a friend or family member, should you be buying for them) are a fan of retro telly in particular (or numerous popular films) then you’ll be very well catered for.

Prolific game and quiz show themed games aside, there’s also some interactive DVD games based on brands like Agatha Christie’s Poirot , and Wallace And Gromit (among others) as well as exclusive original games that are billed as entirely original experiences promoted by a celebrity such as Tom Baker, for example, with his Ultimate Sci-Fi Quiz. Then you’ve got the Scene It series of DVD games which cover all manner of things from to music and movies, from Doctor Who to Disney and plenty more besides with an added board game element. I’m not going to claim that every possible interest is covered in interactive DVD games or that they are all necessarily worth the money but there is a relatively large pool of titles to choose from that will be of considerable appeal to quite a few people.

Reason Two: The Price

While all new interactive DVD game releases appear to have largely dried up in more recent years, the typically inexpensive nature of what’s out there can make for excellent value should they be covering something that floats your boat. Charity and pound shops are a great place to find interactive DVD games of all shapes and sizes and I would say they offer relatively decent value for money in both single and multiplayer modes, with the multiplayer elements really coming into their own when playing with friends and family (more on that in the next point). For cheap and engaging entertainment, you really could do an awful lot worse.

Reason Three: The Gameplay And Replay Value

Tastes and preferences will likely influence whether you enjoy many interactive games or not to a very large degree. Personally, I would say the gameplay in many interactive games I’ve tried is fun, particularly if the game has a theme, format or hook that is of interest. Here’s an example: If you’ve always wanted to be on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and wanted to take on that challenge to some degree, then the DVD game of that makes perfect sense, and can be done from the comfort of your own home. Or if you’re keen on Family Fortunes, The Price is Right or music, then games that are about those things could really grab your attention and definitely merit a purchase.

While interactive DVD games in single player mode are usually far from shabby and have a fair amount of replay value in many cases, I reckon that value is amped up a bit in multiplayer, where a lot of these games really shine due to the competitive aspect which doubles the fun and adds extra life to the package. So, if you’re visiting family or friends bringing one along that they may take an interest in and enjoy is an excellent idea (if they have something that plays DVDs of course).


The interactive DVD game market may not be nearly as big as it once was, but there’s definitely some gems to found in that entertainment genre and often for not a great deal of cash. Sometimes old tech can be more fun than new tech and the interactive DVD game is often small in price, and big on fun in many cases. It may never rival the super advanced and often photo realistic gaming experiences of 2020 for depth or complexity but you can definitely get a large amount of amusement from those disc based delights, be it on your own or with others. And the lack of expensive hardware needed and often engaging nature of those games isn’t bad either. Just remember, some are better than others.

Words by James Gillespie

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