Interview: Baby Strange


Glasgow trio Baby Strange have been making waves on the indie music scene ever since the release of their debut album Want It Need It in 2016, and are showing no signs of slowing down. Ahead of the release of their second album next month, Baby Strange talk influences, new music and their favourites from the TRNSMT line-up.

The Indiependent: Hey guys! For our readers who might not be familiar with your band – who are Baby Strange?

Baby Strange: We’re a loud band from Glasgow that formed in 2012 consisting of Johnny Madden, Connaire McCann & Aidan McCann.

The Indiependent: You share your name with a T-Rex song, are there any other ‘70s/’80s artists influences that have veined their way into your DNA as a band?

Baby Strange: There’s loads of different influences from that time period that influence us in one way or another. Some off the top of my head are The Clash, Television, David Bowie, DAF & The Blue Nile. 

The Indiependent: How do you think your sound has evolved since your debut LP ‘Want It Need It’ was released in 2016?

Baby Strange: We’ve changed a lot as a band since then. We still have the same energy, that energy will never leave us, but our sound has definitely moved forward. Our newer stuff feels more forward thinking. We’ve got better at playing and songwriting since then too, which definitely helps!

The Indiependent: Are there any plans in the work for an album number two? If so, what can you tell us about it!

Baby Strange: Our second album World Below is out June 17th. We wrote and recorded it during lockdown. This album means a lot to us, we can’t wait for people to hear it.

The Indiependent: You’ve had two new releases recently, “Under The Surface” and “Only Feel It When I’m With You” that vary quite a lot musically, is diversity something we can look forward to more of in the future of Baby Strange?

Baby Strange: Definitely. We’re always wanting to move forward and evolve as a band. It keeps it exciting for us, there’s nothing worse than putting yourself in a box. 

The Indiependent: What was it like working with Hayley Mary on the latter?

Baby Strange: Hayley is amazing. She’s got a great voice and is a lovely person. We met her a few years ago through her fiancé Johnny Took that plays in DMA’S and we just really got on. We’re hoping to play the song live together at some point. 

The Indiependent: As you’ve evolved as a band your lyrics have become more politically charged and socially oriented, do you think its important for musicians to talk about current affairs, either through their music or on social media?

Baby Strange: I think it’s only important to speak about it if it means something to you. Don’t force it, people can see through you when you’re not genuine. 

The Indiependent: You’re set to play TRNSMT this summer – do you have any other shows coming up that you’re particularly excited about?

Baby Strange: We’re absolutely buzzing for TRNSMT. We’re excited about all of our gigs, especially cos we had waited to long to play live during covid. TRNSMT is the one though, it’s going to be a special moment. 

The Indiependent: Who are your favourites on the line-up for TRNSMT?

Baby Strange: The Strokes, Fontaine’s D.C, Bemz, Kenny Hoopla, Paolo Nutini. 

The Indiependent: Are there any up-and-coming artists on the Scottish music scene that you’ve been keeping an eye on?

Baby Strange: Dictator, Uninvited, Doss, SHAY, Joshua Grant, The Noise Club. 

The Indiependent: What is the rest of 2022 set to look like for Baby Strange?

Baby Strange: Our second album coming out, UK tour, EU tour and loads of other exciting things we can’t talk about yet. 

Interview by Lana Williams

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