Interview: Black Foxxes

The British Rock Trio Black Foxxes have an impressive sound and have risen to the top of many alternative music charts and streams. With 2000Trees festival on the horizon, we caught up with the band to discuss the festival and their music.

Indie: What does playing 2000 Trees mean to you?

BF: A great time and being a part of something truly special. This festival has been a continued highlight of our festival shows for the past two years, and we’re very happy to be back again this year!

Indie: You’re at almost every festival imaginable this summer but does returning to 2000 Trees act as the real benchmark for what the reaction has been like to Reidi?

BF: I don’t think you’re too far off with that. We really feel at home at 2000 Trees, it feels like our crowd and this year we’re stepping up to the main stage, which definitely feels extra special this year. 

Indie: Having perfected a blend of your albums into your set lists for your live shows, how difficult do you find it now planning a set for shorter festival slots? What are the biggest headaches and the ones you just can’t cut?

BF: I think it’s having a mix of short, snappy songs like Husk, Saela etc, while still fitting in our more dynamic songs like River and Had to Be You. I think we’re always more inclined to play the slower, more building songs, so sometimes a few of our favorites to play have to stay at home. 

Indie: Who are you looking forward to seeing at 2000 Trees?

BF: Has to be At the Drive In, for sure. Sadly, we’re only there for the Thursday this year, so there’s a bunch more we won’t be able to see like Hell Is for Heroes.

Indie: What’s your favourite 2000 Trees moment from over the years?

BF: Probably seeing our tech’s face when he tried to save an overhead mic and rack tom from falling at the same time, mid song. It was something right out of This Is Spinal Tap.

Indie: Who are the bands starting out now that you can see headlining this festival in the future?

BF: I could really see Black Peaks being future headliners down the line, for sure. I would love to see a band called Patrons at this festival, a perfect fit right there.

Indie: Lastly, how important is this festival for your progression and for other bands like yours?

 BF: It’s really a perfect festival for alternative rock; the people that go are real music lovers and you can feel that. It’s a great home for us.




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