Interview: Golding

The Indiependent recently spoke with Kipp Boucher (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Liam Bemrose (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Louis Ayto (Drums, Vocals) and Harvey Daltrey (Bass) of Golding in anticipation of the release of their second EP, Platinum Black. Despite, having only formed in 2013, Golding have already successfully created an authentic and unique sound-scape that entrances those swept into its path in a haze of shoegazy indie melodies.

 THE INDIEPENDENT: Having released the DIVA EP only a year ago, how would you say Platinum Black demonstrates your growth as musicians since that point?
It was a kind of natural progression, the songs seemed to fall into place a lot easier this time. We didn’t really make a conscious decision to do anything that was more complex or challenging to listen to, but I’d definitely say we’ve improved a lot since DIVA.

THE INDIEPENDENT: Did you find recording easier this time around, having dismissed pre-conceived notions about making an EP or were there new hurdles to conquer?
A. Well we recorded with Toby Withers who’s a good friend of ours, as we did with the last EP. It’s always good recording there because we all feel comfortable enough with each other to say when something’s properly shit. It’s a relationship that’s always getting stronger (cute) and we feel like that comes across in the new EP. Also his dog is lovely so winner.

THE INDIEPENDENT: Was there a particular sonic inspiration or experience that informed the creation of Platinum Black?
To be honest, it was such a natural process with writing the songs that we didn’t even realise we were making an EP until it came to releasing them. The name Platinum Black comes from the lyrics to the track ‘Untapped Gold’, of which Kipp felt the exposed raw emotion of the line best captured the themes the EP.

THE INDIEPENDENT: Golding’s sound appears to be influenced by many genres, which is presumably reflective of the different tastes within the band. Would you mind sharing each of your favourite artists or albums?
Our tastes can really vary considering how our music sounds. For example, Louis loves Led Zeppelin and Liam’s celibate for The Beatles, but I don’t think that we sound like them. We definitely take away our favourite individual things from bands ranging from The Smiths, to The Strokes, and all the obvious ones. At the moment we’re really into a big range of people like Eels (Harvey) , Father John Misty (Kipp) , T Rex (Louis) and Tame Impala (Liam). We confuse ourselves with our music taste a bit in all honesty.

THE INDIEPENDENT: What is your favourite track from Platinum Black and why?
We could never agree on an answer to that question if we tried. We love them all like they’re our weird quadruplet kids.

THE INDIEPENDENT: You recently released the music video for ‘Soul Model’ which features lots of layered images. How involved is the band in the production of the videos and is there a particular aesthetic you strive to create within them? 
We were very involved in the production of the video, along with Cole Quirke who directed it. One of the main things we wanted to do was make sure the locations were interesting, we filmed part of it in a ridiculous honeymoon suite in a hotel in Hove (complete with poledancing pole) and the other part in a basement jazz club in Brighton. We never really made any strides toward a particular aesthetic, but kind of ended up with a sleazy-porno-steeze.

THE INDIEPENDENT: Last year, you opened for The Orwells on their UK tour. What was it like touring with the band and did you learn anything from them?
It was wicked awesome, they are a party. We learned how to smoke weed through an apple I suppose. Can’t remember much more of it.

THE INDIEPENDENT: Can we expect a headlining GOLDING tour any time soon?
Well we’re moving to London next month, so gigs in the big smoke will definitely be on the cards. As for a tour, we’ll just have to wait and see.

THE INDIEPENDENT: Finally, what would your advice be to anyone who wanted to make music?
Don’t listen to negative folk, they’re all wallies.

You can find out more about Golding on their Twitter and BandCamp

Questions by Issy Marcantonio 


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