Introducing: Blaenavon


Name: Blaenavon

Hometown: The tiny villages of Liss, and Liphook

Listen to: Hell Is My Head, Let’s Pray, My Bark Is Your Bite

Despite the geographically based name, Blaenavon actually hail from 2 small villages in Hampshire. A youthful trio, Ben Gregory (vocals and guitar), Frank Wright (bass), and Harris McMillan (drums) host their own branch of alt-pop that jangles its way into your eardrums and lingers there in an atmospheric haze.


Far and fields away from their debut EP Koso in 2013, the past two years have seen the resurgence of Blaenavon with a refined sound, firmly rooted with comeback single ‘Hell Is My Head’. ‘Hell Is My Head’ is quite simply one of the most beautifully constructed songs I’ve heard in the past 5 years; the drawling guitars and stubborn drums make for an indie anthem in a world of its own. Later single, ‘I Will Be The World’ continues this new sound as Blaenavon find their feet with an ethereal style.

Follow-up EP Let’s Pray harnesses this new found home in sonically tectonic songs, upholding the signature dream-pop of Blaenavon created through the trinity of subtle basslines, melodious guitars and hypnotic drum fills. Of course, their latest single ‘My Bark Is Your Bite’ keeps these euphorically beautiful combinations afloat and continues to parade the celestial vibes that have become a trademark with any Blaenavon track.


Recently signing to Canvasback Music/Atlantic, the three-piece are heading over the pond to New York for 2 shows in November, and continue their colossal UK tours with The Hunna, Mystery Jets, and The Big Moon, before their own headline show at London’s Scala.

Get your Blaenavon fix by linking yourself up with their Facebook and Twitter, and head down to a show by grabbing your tickets through Songkick.

Words by Jasmin Robinson


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