Introducing: Glass Mountain

 Introducing: Glass Mountain


Name: Glass Mountain

Hometown: Bradford, UK

Listen to: Glacial, Home In The Weather

To simply call Glass Mountain ‘ambitious’ would be a sore understatement. After all, how many other bands have opened their debut EP with a crushing seven-minute track accompanied by a video comprised solely of their lead singer getting a neon face paint? Or how about the fact that their EP takes major influence from fellow Bradford artist David Hockney from whom they also get their name? Oh, and it should also be mentioned that the track in question, ‘Glacial’, is also their debut single. Ambitious indeed.

On their social media accounts, the four-piece describe their music as simply “YEARN/SORROW”, which, in fairness, is pretty apt. Their music plays with brooding indie-folk elements, but at its core, it’s breathtaking alternative rock that takes several listens to really swallow. Their arrangements are complex; their lyrics are confessional and poetic. They’re artistic without being inaccessible, and they’re also one of the most promising and accomplished new acts to come out of the underground scene in recent memory.

If you like Glass Mountain, you can find them on Facebook and Twitter. You can also catch them at Bingley Music Live Festival on Sunday 4th September.

Words by Samantha King, image by Danny Payne

Samantha King

English student and music writer who likes pop culture, The Simpsons and Taika Waititi. Will most likely be found at a gig or binge-watching Netflix.

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