Introducing: Lauren Auder


Introducing: Lauren Auder

Hometown: Watford/Aibi

Listen to: ‘Unseen (feat. Celeste), ‘Small Ghosts’, ‘june 14th’

Born in Watford, raised in Southwest France and now based in London, Lauren Auder began making music in a way many of the best Gen-Z artists do: “Figuring it out as I go along on a slow laptop in my bedroom at age 15 or so.” Now aged 22 and signed to New York independent label True Panther Sounds, the character of Auder’s music can be defined as cinematic, fearless and emotional. In her own words, it is ‘orchestral pop’, and every single song could seamlessly fit into a movie soundtrack.  

Dancing between synth-heavy sounds in the likes of ‘These Broken Limbs Again Into One Body’, to the strings of the complicated, chaotic love song ‘june 14th’, to the heavy guitar production of ‘Heathen’, Lauren Auder has mastered a multitude of sounds.

And although her music to date has filmic qualities, it is not to say that Auder’s music isn’t intimate and personal. Her intention is for the listener to ‘feel held’. Her latest release, 5 Songs for The Dysphoric is about her relationships and intimacy with other people, and how being trans affects it.

The February EP is a triumph. Sometimes great songs grow on you, but Lauren Auder doesn’t give hers a chance to—bold melodies, clear lyrics and decisive production ensure you know the personality of each song. This is particularly the case with the 5 Songs for The Dysphoric EP; ‘Small Ghosts’ has been on repeat since I first heard it, the kick-drums and strong vocal performance do a brilliant melody justice.

Closing track ‘Unseen’ seals the deal for the 5 Songs EP, with Lauren Auder and Celeste’s collaboration being a heavenly combination. This is a bittersweet song underpinned by a rhythmic bass, a jazz piano and saxophone, and is laced with some synth sounds towards the end. The chorus, “I know you felt unseen / Hardly yourself or is this what that means?” builds in emotion every time the pair repeat it. It’s the strongest of the EP and dare I say it, Auder’s best song to date.

Having released her last two EPs within 12 months of each other, I hope it’s not too long before we’re blessed with the soaring sound of Lauren Auder once again.

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Words by Kat Smith

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