Name: Naropa

Hometown: New Cross, London, UK

Listen to: If Only While I’m Sleeping

Despite only having officially released one single and a couple demos, London indie rockers Naropa are evidently already masters of upbeat production and skilful song writing. Taking inspiration from bands such as The Doors, Mystery Jets, Spector amongst other is what has helped the band shape their sound. ‘If Only While I’m Sleeping’ is a track that oozes originality, whilst still containing elements of that classic indie guitar sound we all know and love. Drenched in lush guitars and raw, raspy vocals from frontman Josh Mead it boasts catchiness and sets the mood high, and despite starting out slightly melancholic it quickly has you bopping and singing along.

The track propels into a resonating end and quietly fades out after the funky chorus, which only leaves us longing for more. When everything comes together, you appreciate Naropa in full glory and can feel something special taking shape. Overall, ‘If Only While I’m Sleeping’ is groovy, it’s gorgeous and it’s a great example of what a debut indie single is supposed to sound like. If they continue down the path they’ve created there’s no doubt Naropa are gonna achieve great things – just judging from this track they’re definitely a band to look out for.

The band will shortly and exclusively be announcing a show at the Amersham Arms in New Cross, London on 24th September. Drop them a message on twitter if you fancy going, and they’ll be able to get you in for the small sum of a fiver. Tickets are £6 on the door and first 50 people in get a free JD and coke. To make this sound even better, Naropa’s set will be followed by a DJ set by, none other than, indie dreamboats Peace. For a bargain price and the opportunity to see some exciting up and comers live, this is a night out you definitely do not want to miss.

If you like the sound of Naropa and want to see what they get up to you can follow them on Twitter and Soundcloud and like them on Facebook.

Words by Caroline Oestergaard

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