Introducing: Pleasure House

Introducing: Pleasure House
Hometown: Birmingham
Download: ‘Blow My Mind’ ‘Sunrise’

Pleasure House are evidently masters of upbeat production and pertinent lyrical narrative constructions. Their debut single ‘Blow My Mind’ boasts catchiness akin to fellow B-Town band, Peace, whilst frontman Alex Heffernan’s confident vocal oozes originality. The way he trips and spits out the lyrics “I bet you think you’re so smart / when you take me to your bed” is evocative of Black Kids, whilst the “oh-oh-oh-oh-oahh” backing vocal invites comparison to Bastille. But making comparisons to other bands is not to say that Pleasure House don’t have their own unique thing going on, by any means.

Saccharine sonic entity ‘Sunrise’ is like golden syrup “I close my eyes and all I see is sunrise / I’m waking up next to you”, in that it’s delicious, but perhaps a little too sickly sweet for some. Nonetheless, this dreamy indie pop entity is perfect for lounging on a sunbed and listening to – all we need now is a bit of sunshine!

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The loyal fanbase Pleasure House has cultivated in the Midlands is undoubtedly testament to their slick production, talent and dedication and it’s only a matter of time before they make an impact on other areas of the country.

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Words by Beth Kirkbride

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