Introducing: The Franklys

Name: The Franklys
Hometown: London/Lidköping/Milton Keynes/New York
Listen to: Bad News, Weasel

Behold The Franklys: brazen, boisterous and bold. The quartet is made up of four girls, oozing with instrumental aptness and confidence. Jen Ahlkvist fronts the band and also plays rhythm guitar, while Fanny Broberg plays lead; the rhythm section is comprised of Zoe Biggs on bass and Nicole Pinto on drums. Having been compared to the likes of The Hives by NME and XFM, the girls set their own bar extremely high with their previous self-titled debut EP; however they managed to raise it with April’s release ‘Bad News’ which was produced by Sean Genockey and mastered by Ed Woods (Muse, Roger Daltry). The EP rocketed them even higher, landing them sets at legendary festivals such as Camden Rocks and Tramlines in the months past.

‘Bad News’ is a completely raucous EP, laden with relationship-angst and upbeat scrutiny at anyone who dared cross the girls. Comprised of the latest single of the same name, and two other incredible tracks entitled ‘What You Said’ and ‘Puppet’, the EP shouts and screams female wrath. You can devour the whole EP here on Spotify.

The title track is the definitive warning to all women who enjoy the predictable chase of a species that can only be described as the ‘dickhead’. This is the mistake denied by all girls everywhere: the belief that we can conquer the unconquerable, and this song is the admittance that we are sometimes less successful than we like to let on. Ahlkvist’s powerful, strident vocals perfectly complement the pulsating, rhythmic drums. Broberg leads us into an incendiary solo in the middle of the song, paving the way for a heated interlude. You can imagine the charge in a live setting as the measured drum beats creep into a maniacal rampage, complete with repetitive hooks. Filled with vitriolic energy, this song is the perfect introduction for anyone who is new to The Frankly’s ferocious garage rock.

‘What You Said’ exposes the authenticity of Ahlkvist’s voice as it is anointed with soft, quiet strums. Suddenly, the calm timbre is purged by an abrasive bass line. The rhythm section is at the strongest it has ever been in this track. Biggs’ tick-tocking bass combined with Pinto’s meticulous drum slaps invigorate the listener, creating a riotous taste that bombs down and explodes right in the pit of your stomach. Ahlkvist’s isolated vocals are attacked by screeching reverb as she cries “I don’t wanna lose you my dear”, as if the guitars are just as angry at the ugly situation as she is.

Lastly, ‘Puppet’ is a fully blown affront that all of us girls can scream at anyone who has wasted our time. Jamming along to this tune is certainly no waste – grasping vocals and surging guitars seem to empower us, reminding that no one is worth it unless they make you feel how this song does. Completely and utterly invincible. Jen rants, “You never wanted me / You kicked me to the ground and left me there to die” as a dirging surf groove flows out, creating an exciting hook.

Among some other favourites are tracks from their previous EP, ‘The Franklys’. Be sure to check out fan-favourite, ‘Weasel’, with its fearless lyrics combined with the familiar surf rock licks that create the perfect aquatic mix. ‘Imaginarium’ is another belter with its images of scuzzy, unnerving “tropical storms” that Jen sings of.

Missing The Franklys live is not an option. The energetic, charged vivacity found on their EPs can only be heightened in any live setting. Be sure to check them out at some of their future dates:

  • 30/07 Glasgow – Nice’n’Sleazy
  • 31/07 Liverpool – Bumper
  • 01/08 Manchester – The Castle Hotel
  • 02/08 Leeds – Oporto
  • 05/08 (FR) – Le Conquet – Bar Le Narval
  • 06/08 (FR) – Paris – L’international
  • 07/08 (FR) – Lorient – Le Galion
  • 08/08 (FR) – Concarneau – La Ville Close
  • 28/08 Brighton – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar

Words by Alicia Carpenter

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