Introducing: Waiting For Sunday

Name: Waiting For Sunday

Hometown: Vancouver, Canada

Listen to: ‘The Love is Gone’, ‘Borderline’, ‘My Scripture’

Released in 2015, Waiting For Sunday‘s second album takes their style of heartfelt singer/songwriter backed by a band and kicks it up a notch incorporating roadhouse blues and foggy atmospherics to find new ground. The Windsor Effect is the follow-up to their debut The Courage, the Wisdom, the Strength and Doubt which alternated between a bouncy, Dylan vibe and sauntering emotional ballads. With this new album, the band has found a depth and broken free from the grip of the coffee house genre.

Their breakout hit, ‘The Love is Gone’ the band surrounds singer Dan Hudson’s voice with swarming guitar swells and a sprawling rhythm section. The accompanying music video directed by drummer Colin Everall is currently winning awards at film festivals across the US. The piece features tightrope walking octogenarians, buried albinos, drowning businessmen and burning portrait tapestries. Surreal to say the least!

The album still serves up their brand of bouncing melancholy on tracks like ‘Pebbles Become Stones’ and ‘Last Call for Safety’ where bassist Mircea Tracke delivers snappy bass lines to cut between Matt Gould’s meandering guitar noodles. ‘Borderline’ serves as the mid-album anchor taking a break from the album’s relationship focused lyrics to take stock on a more existential level. Piano and vibrato guitar switch up the mood for this slow burner.

Waiting For Sunday are coming in to their own, further incorporating the wide range of influences that are brought to the project from each member. The Windsor Effect is out now.

Words by Jon Ireson

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