Jared Leto set to star in new ‘Tron’ film

jared leto tron film
38 years after the original hit theatres, the Tron franchise is set to return to the big screen for the third in the series, with Oscar winner Jared Leto set to star in the lead role.

The Disney-owned film debuted in 1982, with Jeff Bridges starring as a computer programmer who must escape from a virtual intelligence conspiracy when he becomes trapped inside a digital world.

it was a revolutionary film at the time and paved a new path for later cinematic adventures. It was followed by 2010’s Tron Legacy, starring Olivia Wilde, Garrett Hedlund and a returning Jeff Bridges. This much appreciated sequel unfortunately didn’t match the prestige and inventiveness of the original, but did become a financial success.

Ever since, a third film in the Tron franchise has been speculated, and in 2017 it was confirmed to be in development. The project has been developing extremely slowly, but Disney has been looking to progress the project further after similar franchises such as Blade Runner have seen success with long awaited follow ups.


The third Tron film has had development issues with a multitude of scripts and ideas being thrown around, leaving many fans questioning the project. However, gaining Oscar winner Jared Leto is a massive achievement for the film. Especially since Leto seems to be extremely excited for the project, which is a great thing as a motivated Leto is an untouchable performer.

Leto confirmed that he was involved with an extremely positive Instagram post in which he expressed his gratitude for starring in a project which means alot to him personally. In a now-deleted tweet, Leto hinted that the upcoming film’s title could be TRON: ARES.

Tron 3 has suddenly moved from a project in development hell to one which has fans buzzing. It will be interesting to see the next developments for this legendary franchise.

Words by Paul Dawson

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