My Life in Books: Gabriel Rutherford

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved books. From my parents reading books to me, to struggling with Crime and Punishment (I gave up halfway through), I’ve read constantly. In primary school, I even used to get in trouble for reading while the teacher was talking! So, I thought I’d pay tribute to all the books that have impacted my life.

A Series of Unfortunate Events // Lemony Snicket

This was the first book series I read in full. The writing is exceptional, with the tone being dark and grim throughout the whole series. The mystery that pervades the story of three orphan children, constantly on the run from an evil relative who wants to inherit their fortune, seems simple at first, but complexities soon come into the villain’s motives as the series progresses. There are some really fantastic books in this series, which can be enjoyed by anybody of any age.





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