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CHERUB // Robert Muchamore

What kind of twelve year old doesn’t want to experience the thrill of spying, snogging and swearing?

CHERUB is a very accessible yet fantastical tale of a children’s branch of MI5. Following troubled and mischievous James Adams, fierce and moral sister Lauren, and a motley crew of friends and colleagues, CHERUB is not only witty and entertaining but educational and realistic. The relatable way in which Muchamore presents such serious worldly problems, such as human trafficking and religious cults, allows young readers the chance to learn about morality and justice, showing drugs and gang violence in a realistic and non-romanticised way that enables a safe yet spine-tinglingly exciting introduction into mature issues. Constantly underpinned by a level of hilarity and familiarity, CHERUB allowed me to experience an extremely far-fetched yet simultaneously identifiable journey, making me feel as if I was in their world with them. Touching, thrilling and funny, CHERUB is everything that anyone could ever want out of a series of books; from first stumbling upon them as a twelve year old to revisiting them age sixteen, I consistently enjoyed the read and would recommend to everyone and anyone.

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