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Romeo and Juliet // William Shakespeare 

Everyone’s a bit of prick when they’re in Year 9. I happened to be in that phase when the cracks in the wallpaper were of more importance than anything an authority figure and “slave to the man” could possibly spew out. I was thirteen, a teenager, I was basically an adult, I knew everything… I thought I did at least.

In fair English classroom where we lay our scene, I was, as usual, doodling Kurt Cobain quotes on the notes page of my planner, cursing the clock for meandering its way through entirety. Just another Tuesday. Until a book hit my desk, A4 and kept in a plastic sleeve I knew someone must have thought it was important: Romeo and Juliet read the cover. I would have never guessed that one day I would be that someone.

My love of Shakespeare grew from that point I invested in the Complete Works and read them hungrily. From then I starred (I use that term extremely loosely) in a production of Romeo & Juliet with a visiting theatre company later that year,  I focused coursework on Macbeth and became part of the tech crew for Twelfth Night. I read and I learnt and I realised that when you find something that captures your attention and ignites your passion then what you do does not have to be a chore.

Interesting and fun, Shakespeare’s work has influenced generation upon generation of people across the globe (is that a pun?). With adaptions ranging from true to the letter Royal Shakespeare Company productions to 10 Things I Hate About You, I guarantee, in one way or another, Shakespeare has influenced your life.

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