My Life in Games: Elliott Jones

Skyrim (2011)- Playstation 3

1000 hours of gametime- I think that pretty much spells out how addicted I was to this game. I loved its predecessor, Oblivion, but Skyrim took over my life. When I got it, I took two days off from school so I could spend all day playing it and extort all of its glitches (iron daggers especially), just so I could achieve a higher level than my friends. For some reason I never got bored of Skyrim. Even though I felt like I’d done every mission with all the different classes, I was still never totally satisfied with it; by the end, I had about 10 houses with a family and pets to look after and I still needed more from the game, that’s just how addictive it was.

Not only was Skyrim fun, but its graphics looked beautiful. With vast landscapes and endless possibilities it truly was and still is the most exhilarating and addictive game I’ve ever played.

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