My Life in Games: Elliott Jones

 The Last of Us (2013)- Playstation 3 

Best game ever made, definitely. This devastatingly emotional and breathtakingly beautiful game broke my heart and fixed it all at the same time. It’s such an astronomical achievement, and the 200+ Game of the Year awards help the game speak for itself. Not only did it have the engine of the incredibly fun Uncharted series, but it also had a story and script most screen writers could only dream of. Because of this it comes as no surprise to me that a film version is supposedly in the works. The connection I immediately noticed between Joel and Ellie was unparalleled to most attachments made between countless film/TV characters. The link that is shared between the protagonists impact the game itself and by extension impacts the player in such an intense way.

It’s another game I’ve completed countless times and even managed to narrow my play-through time to 8 hours (impressive, I personally think). Everything about this game was truly stunning; it was moving, looked beautiful, and was a thrill ride from start to finish. I honestly can’t label The Last of Us as anything other than the best game ever made.

*Honourable Mentions: Simpsons Hit & Run, FIFA, Lego Star Wars, Batman: Arkham Trilogy, Croc, Halo 3


Words by Elliott Jones

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