My Life in Games: Megan Roxburgh

Every gamer has a story to tell. It might be about the first time they ever picked up a controller or put a cartridge into a hand-held, the games they stayed up all night playing or those hidden gems they found by chance. My story may not be as long as some of my gamers in arms, but for me that doesn’t matter. My passion and devotion to this animated art form is no less diminished. So, with that in mind, I’d like to share some of the games of my past (and present) and tell my own little story.

Super Mario Bros 3

super mario 3

Looking back at which games took up most of my time as a child, there’s a few that spring to mind. Spending hours on them was something I would do without a second thought – much to the annoyance of my parents who probably wished that their daughter was doing her homework and not shouting at an Italian plumber who didn’t dodge the fireball in time.

I’d say this was my first gaming addiction. This simple little platformer from Nintendo was my real introduction to gaming. Before this, I’d maybe have a little go on whatever my brothers were playing. But Mario was all for me. Yes, they played too, but I was better. There were levels that made me nervous and levels I loved. I felt connected to the game in a way I’d never felt before. Which is why I was so happy to actually be able to meet the voice of Mario, Charles Martinet, a few years ago. On the surface, I was the picture of composure but my inner child was like Racoon Mario (flying all over the place with a smile on my face)

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