My Life in Games: Megan Roxburgh

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The Sims

the sims

I’ve always been a bit of an escapist, so this was heaven for me. I could be anyone I wanted and do everything I wasn’t able to do in reality. I could be beautiful, successful and popular – which I have never been.

That was the plan anyway. What I really did was spend hours tweaking every last detail of my character then going through game as best as I could. My sim would flirt with everyone for the sake of her career (romantic relationships last longer) advancement and I would cheat so much to get the money to spend a few more hours building my ideal home. Only to get bored of it and either move out or demolish it about four days later.

But it taught me how to expand my imagination and that sometimes taking the slower path (and not cheating) was actually more fun and a challenge for me to do. So it worked out in the end. All it means now is that one game save on Sims 3 is ‘me’ and the rest are alternative universes for some of my favourite characters from TV.


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