My Life In Songs: Emmie Morris

I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker // Sandi Thom

Right, let’s just get the most cringe song on this list out of the way now. This used to be my favourite song. It’s perhaps the first song I can ever remember really taking a liking to; I would sing it constantly, and occasionally during the summer I would actually pick daisies and attempt to put them in my hair (akin to the lyrics “oh I wish I was a punk rocker / with flowers in my hair”). Although it’s not a good song lyrically, and caused much controversy upon it’s heavily publicised release, it still manages to transport me back to a time where I was very naïve and careless. It reminds me of long weekends spent at caravan parks in the sunshine. Who knew that a few years later I would actually be wishing I was a punk rocker (and also, I still want flowers in my hair).

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