My Life In Songs: Hannah Campbell


You won’t find many people who’ve gone through as much musical taste change as I have. Here’s a rundown of five songs that have impacted my life, or simply stuck around long enough so that I just have to mention them.

She’s Not Afraid // One Direction

I could lie and say that my taste has always been how it is now, which I am significantly more proud of than this – so appreciate my honesty guys. Watching One Direction every week on X Factor was one of the simple pleasures in my 12 year old life, and it was even more exciting when the, what I considered heartthrobs, started to release original music. Though the first album Up All Night was very well received by younger Hannah, it was the second, supposedly ‘more mature’ second record Take Me Home that I remember in particular.

A £40 deluxe version of the album was how I chose to spend my birthday money that year (stop judging me, it came with a t-shirt and stickers), and ‘She’s Not Afraid’ was what I considered the most fun, groovy song upon first listen, and it has stuck with me since. Yes, it may no longer be on my playlist, but I still see exactly what I was getting at in 2012 by enjoying this tune. They could execute a good pop song and that can’t be looked over by me even at the age of 18.



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