My Life In Songs: Hannah Campbell


A Good Night’s Sleep and a Cab Fare Home // The Strypes

I have an ever-growing list in my head of my favourite songs of all time, and this is a fairly recent addition. I oddly feel like an adopted mother of The Strypes, because I first listened to them when they were almost completely unknown, and I’ve been there through each EP and album release watching them progress. I vividly remember watching them support Arctic Monkeys on my sixteenth birthday and admiring how far they’d come.

Their second album Little Victories, which I reviewed upon its release in August, blew my mind completely and this track in particular is something I’ll never tire of. It may not be directly linked to a memory in my life thus far, but I play it so much that it surely will be soon. I don’t know what it is about it, I just know I’m glad about it.



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