My Life In Songs: Jake Marley


We Carry On // Portishead

Another band I count myself very lucky to have been brought up on and gone on to really appreciate and love right through my teens to now is Portishead. Quite simply the most alternative sound you can possible come across. Their sound is something I’ve not seen imitated to this day and I doubt it ever will be. The unique blend of trip-hop and guitars with one of the best voices I’ve ever heard. Quite the mix and something that has impacted on my music taste and appreciation to this day.

I can’t bypass any music or genre now due to Portishead, the complexity of their sound as represented in ‘We Carry On’ showed me the immense talent that can go in to making a piece of music and for that reason I appreciate everything as it comes and on fair merit. I’m also lucky to be amongst only a select group of people to say they’ve seen Portishead live as they played Glastonbury the year I went in 2013 – quite possibly one of the best live shows around, breath-taking.



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