My Life In Songs: Jake Marley


Shadows Fall // The Coral

Quite simply one of my all-time favourite bands. Every record phenomenal in its own right. I was born in late 1995 so around the time the early Coral records were surfacing was the first time I’d reached an age of being aware and interested in the music playing around me. Having two parents who are avid fans of The Coral to this day obviously helped too. Honestly one of the first records that stuck with me growing up was the eponymous Coral LP with the likes of ‘Wildfire’ and ‘Skeleton Key’ on.

The track I’ve picked though is the one that sticks in your head like chewing gum to your shoe, ‘Shadows Fall’. The Coral are a band that no matter what phase of my life I was in, were there playing all around me. Even to this day as a music writer I find myself going down to their club nights in Liverpool. There’s something about The Skelly’s I reckon as younger siblings are in a new band I’m hooked on, The Sundowners.



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