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Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys // Arctic Monkeys

I don’t go with the ‘cool brigade’ that think it’s un-fashionable to like Arctic Monkeys these days, just cause they don’t play dingy 100 capacity clubs anymore and headline festivals and cover-star NME once a month. Whether you like it or not, they’re the band that defines our generation. Alex Turner is and always will be one of the best songwriters of the 21st century and you can turn a blind eye but it’s the truth.

‘Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys’ has been chosen as it’s a track from the first ever EP released by the band and basically sums up the state of affairs now, as people try to avoid the fact they like Arctic Monkeys now they’re mainstream. Quite simply a band that has played a part in my life from early teens, right through exams, college and even Glastonbury experiences and for that reason couldn’t be left out.



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