My Life in Songs: Kirsty Jackson

It Ain’t Me Babe // Bob Dylan

Without any hesitation, I present one of my most favourite songs of all time. Granted it can be viewed as an anti-love song and not a strong testament to my ‘romantic side’, yet it always remains as a personal highlight of my musical collection and my late teenage years. The numerous plays of this song on my iPod have stacked up over the years, it’s the track that I go to when I’m on long journeys, it’s the track that I go to when I need to think about things, it’s the track I go to every time.

It’s different obviously to Dylan’s more politically and socially reflective songs, but I think that that’s what makes it stand out so much on its placement in his back catalogue. The simplicity in music has always driven me to feel the emotion and rawness in the words he sings, he singles out the feeling of truthfulness. It’s a song that inspired me to pick up the guitar and get writing my own lyrics and poetry. It showed me how to let things out creatively.

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