My Life in Songs: Kirsty Jackson

Don’t Mess With Me // Brody Dalle

Here we are, this song released in 2014 summed up to me the attitude that I intend to hold in every part of my life. So it’s no surprise really that Brody Dalle has since rocketed up my list of influential feminist heroines. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind, she isn’t afraid to be herself. When I first found out this album was being released I was excited, she was one of the first female artists that I’ve really admired and looked up to.

She knows who she is and she isn’t afraid to admit that she’s made mistakes in the past, a quality that I think I have begun to adopt as a result. So I think this track deserves to be in My Life in Songs for that reason, it started a period in my life when I realised that it was okay to be me, it’s okay to do what you want to do.

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