My Life in Songs: Sophie McEvoy

Learn to Fly // Foo Fighters

Oh, Foo Fighters. Where do I begin. It all started on a family vacation to Cyprus in 2007. One of the only TV channels that we could get at the villa we were staying at was the music video channel Scuzz. My cousin (who is significantly older than me) would take the reigns of the TV, so that’s all we ended up watching.

One day, the video to ‘Learn to Fly’ came on. I was in awe. I had my cousin sitting by my side the whole time telling me who everyone was and that they are one of the funniest bands he’s ever come across. And that was it. The rest is history. I can’t believe how long they’ve been my favourite band for, actually. I have such a deep connection with this band it’s unbelievable. Bearing in mind I got into them when I was 11; they guided me through my teen years. They got me through bullying, they made me pick up the guitar, they helped me find who I truly was. They were also the first band that I bought an album from through my favourite record of all time, There is Nothing Left To Lose. I honestly wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for them.

Foo Fighters were one of the main reasons why I rekindled my love for The X-Files again. After it taking me 6 years to realize there are two different versions of ‘Walking After You’, I watched the shows first feature film just to hear the song at the end. Turns out Dave Grohl is also a huge fan of the show, and actually appeared in one of the episodes along with Foo Fighters contributing to both the shows soundtracks.

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