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Welcome to the Fold // Filter

Ah, yes. My now second favourite band. I’ve loved Filter for quite a while, actually, but only through knowing one of their songs. I don’t know where I heard ‘Hey Man, Nice Shot’ for the first time. It was either on Kerrang!, Guitar Hero: World Tour or on an episode of Supernatural. But it was always a song that floored me from the sheer power it has.

Again, this band links to X-Files (what doesn’t with me). That song appeared on an episode in Season Three of the show, and then I found out – like Foo Fighters – they too appear on both of the soundtracks. I loved the songs that they included on those albums, so I decided to take a dive into their back catalog to see if I liked them or not.

Turns out I do. A lot. This was the beginning of 2014 that I started listening to them properly, and I fell in love with them. I can’t count how many times I’ve listened to ‘Welcome to the Fold’ or the album that it appears on, Title of Record. When I went on vacation to Orlando last summer this was all I listened to whilst we were there. If you haven’t listened to it, drop everything you’re doing and do it. Now. Filter are one of the most unappreciated bands in the world.

Words by Sophie McEvoy

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