My Life In Songs: Thomas Johnson

Meat Is Murder // The Smiths

I had to start with a Smiths song, it just made sense, but which one? I’ve opted for ‘Meat Is Murder’, not necessarily my all-time favourite track from Morrissey and company, but it is a powerful and meaningful song that highlights why The Smiths were such an incredibly intriguing and wonderful band. The subject matter of the meat industry is one that divides many; some see eating meat as a part of daily life, others opt for vegan or vegetarian lifestyles for a number of reasons. I am a vegetarian, not just because of this song and my adoration for Moz, but for health reasons too. What I love about this lengthy track is that it sparked a debate, and continues to do so. It got people talking, as most of Morrissey’s life has done. Now whether you agree with the lyrics chastising seasonal meat choices and that kitchen aroma, it’s admirable that Morrissey has so vehemently stood by them and continues to play the song at his live shows to a backdrop video depicting the gruesome acts of battery farming and the treatment of animals reared for meat.

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