Live Review: Don Broco // Manchester Academy

Don Broco smashed Manchester in a performance that furthered their claim of being one of the best UK rock bands around right now.

Bringing their new album ‘Technology’ to a sold out Manchester Academy, it was a set which shone with progression both musically and as performers too. Gone are the days of the white chinos and that Clockwork Orange / Duran Duran look. In favour of a style in which the music takes centre stage, Don Broco put on a highly impressive performance.

Despite the album being released just a few weeks ago, the crowd bounced along to fresh cuts “Pretty” and “Everybody” like they were old favourites as the band came out all guns blazing.

“I wanna kick shit off as we mean to go on tonight,” declared singer Rob Damiani with the usual cocksure confidence that makes him so magnetic as a frontman.

Throughout the set, the new album tracks were polarised with hits from their previous 2015 release ‘Automatic’, and the progression between the two albums is increasingly evident. Older tunes like ‘What You Do To Me’ and ‘Fire’ come with a more polished, euphoric, “pop-rock” sound to give those in the pit a chance to breathe. But, new offerings like ‘Porkies’ and the title track to the new album are muddled with huge walls of distortion thanks to guitarist Simon Delaney and venomous vocals to match.

After reeling off the hits for the best part of an hour, Don Broco gave a live debut to new track ‘Greatness’ which included some serious work on the wooden block; another ambitious inclusion pulled off with typical swagger.

The greatest compliment to ‘Technology’ came in the encore in which they busted out the huge new single ‘Come Out to L.A.’ before ending with ‘T-Shirt Song’ to a crowd furiously whipping their tee’s around their head. Ending on two new tracks is testament to how Don Broco have reached a higher level of excellence in their new album and their live show not only replicates that but takes them up a notch again.

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