Live Review: Explosions In The Sky // Brighton Dome – 24.04.16

I had high expectations for Explosions In The Sky, which were amplified by both the fact they were playing in one of Brighton’s best music venues, the Brighton Dome, and that We Were Promised Jetpacks were supporting. Explosions In The Sky are a post-rock band hailing all the way from Texas. Although their music is primarily instrumental, it never feels as though it’s lacking something; they’ve mastered the art of the musical build-up and subsequent mind-blowing, heart-shattering crescendo.

Their loyal, however small, following, who all unite over the shared appreciation for music that tells a story. Regardless of how the music is interpreted, an Explosions In The Sky fan will tell you how their songs remind them of a certain time in their lives, or make them feel an emotion they thought they’d forgotten about. Thankfully, the night exceeded all expectations, leaving me with a deafening ring in my ears, tears in my eyes, and a jaw-aching smile on my face (which must have made me look slightly unhinged to everyone else on the bus).

As mentioned, Scottish band We Were Promised Jetpacks warmed up the crowd, and pretty successfully might I add. They melt into the post-rock/indie-rock/post-punk genres, with parts of their songs so reminiscent of Explosions In The Sky that it’s clear why they were chosen to support. Particular members of the crowd knew every word and melody and riff of every song, which served to make us all that little bit more excited for the main act.

Unusually for a rock band, Explosions In The Sky took to the stage early, and kept their words to the crowd short and simple, thanking everyone for coming out and getting us to give a cheer for We Were Promised Jetpacks. They played most of the songs from their new album, ‘The Wilderness’, with highlights being The Ecstatics, Infinite Orbit and Disintegration Anxiety.

The set finished with a magnificent rendition of Memorial, which had people head-banging to their heart’s content. It was the perfect end to an amazing concert, in which the level of raw emotion conveyed through their music left everyone in the audience in a state of wonder. There are very few bands that make music as well as Explosions In The Sky do, and it’s near impossible to describe the intensity of the atmosphere present during the show, but I’m honored to have been a part of it.


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