Live Review: Mystic Peach @ Heartbreakers Southampton 19.10.2017


Southampton’s newest venue Heartbreakers has already secured some high class talent to take to its stage but tonight it was the turn of Southampton’s very own mystery trio Mystic Peach, who played a hometown show in support of London’s Yowl and Bristol’s Lice.

The mysterious trio, who have just released their debut single ‘Downtown’ via Honeymooner Records, brought an atmospheric surf pop vibe to the Heartbreakers that would of had B-town favourites like Peace and Jaws licking their lips with excitement. A set infused with intricate guitar riffs, raw vocals and a rhythm section providing infectious grooves, the band wouldn’t have looked out of place taking the headline slot themselves tonight.

The defining moments of the set came with the bands final two songs however with debut single ‘Downtown’, getting its first live outing since its full release, providing us with a groove laden appetiser for the main event. The final song of the night was an epic riot of sound that built a cocoon around the whole venue and the butterfly emerging was Mystic Peach. A ‘1998’ style rollercoaster of sound gave us a look into the talent that is festering in frontman’s Curtis Gale’s songwriting abilities.

A quick head-but of the microphone from Gale, a few more thunderous notes and a swift thank you from the band brought an abrupt end to the set but not without leaving you in a state of awe. A set that built and built for a climax that was well worth the wait.

Callum McCormack




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